Saturday, May 26, 2007

Performative architecture, Contemporary Architecture Practice

"Performative is about emergent activities and behaviors, and all depend on how to operate and perform a system. The system can be dynamical in the design process or architecture that has been built. If it is the latter then performance is how the user/inhabitant performs and uses the space, I refer to literal body movements as in dance, but this can be expanded to how the performance of one body can affect the performance of other bodies in groups, and how these groups may influence larger organizations such as companies etc. It relates to social interactions that invigorate the environment...

...Space is an interesting term, but the ambiguity is formed with intention, intention to provide the most potential for emergent user behaviors within the space. Our spaces incorporate a range of issues including environmental ones..." via Architettura

Ali Rahim
Contemporary Architecture Practice

Residential Housing Tower, Dubai, Completion 2007 (left)
Commercial Office Tower, Dubai, Completion 2007 (right)
image © Contemporary Architecture Practice

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