Saturday, May 26, 2007

Opus Project, Dubai, Zaha Hadid Architects

The Opus will appear to hover from the ground. Constructed of three separate towers the building will appear as a singlular unified whole, with a distinctive void. The interiors of which will be clad with a fully engineered curved class curtain wall to allow for eye-catching views into the void. Reflexive fritting patterns in the form of pixilated striations will be applied onto the glass facade to provide a degree of reflectivity and materiality to the cube while assisting in the reduction of solar grains inside the building.
"This is a building that challenges traditional concepts of office space,” said Hadid. “Not only will it be visually stunning, it will also be a workable space, and a place that allows every occupant to experience a better quality working environment, using the very latest technological advances."

"The Opus project combines art and performance with form and functionality, the strategic location, stunning exterior and the extensive range of facilities make the Opus project a strategic buy for potential investors who can expect considerable returns on their investment" said Mehdi Amjad, president and CEO of Omniyat Properties.
Zaha Hadid architects
The Opus Project
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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