Monday, February 14, 2011

Hoki Museum by Nikken Sekkei

© Ken Lee 2010 @ flickr

Japanese architect Nikken Sekkei has completed the Hoki Museum (ホキ美術館) in Chiba, Japan. It is Japan's first museum dedicated to Realist painting.

"What makes Realist painting so fascinating? Realist art works depict what the painter sees, as is. These works are intricately worked, each massively time-consuming, as the painter creates just a few works a year, facing the same canvas day after day. And when we see the worlds created in such works, we sense that the painting has so much more to say than the reality it depicts.
Today, the Hoki Museum collections include 300 works by some 40 painters, ranging from great masters to young artists. Up until now, there have been few opportunities to see Realist works in Japan. The Hoki Museum will now fill that void. My hope is that the Hoki Museum will be a "healing museum" where visitors can appreciate the art works slowly and thoroughly."

Masao Hoki
Director, Hoki Museum

Nikken Sekkei
Hoki Museum (ホキ美術館)
Chiba, Japan
Images: © Ken Lee 2010 @ flickr

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