Saturday, August 21, 2010


OMA's proposal is one of the shortlisted entries for WEST KOWLOON CULTURAL DISTRICT Masterplan.

"We have tried to make the district a microcosm of the city in its combination of density and nature, discovering, to our own surprise, that we could realize the vast program and still preserve wide swaths of open space. An unsolicited part of our project is a Cultural Masterplan: a collaboration with experts from the cultural and financial worlds, based on a debriefing of Hong Kong’s stakeholders.
This cultural masterplan works in tandem with the physical plan, each informing and empowering the other. It tries to establish a new zone of creativity, interplay, and production on the basis of an existing infrastructure that, I can already testify, makes a mockery of the notion that Hong Kong has 'no culture'."

Rem Koolhaas 
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Anders said...

Great post! This is such a wonderful architectural studio. I really appreciated it.

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