Monday, April 13, 2009

UAE pavillion at shanghai expo 2010, Foster + Partner

“The cities of the UAE rise from the desert and the pavilion will similarly emerge to form a natural counterpoint to Shanghai’s urban landscape. Like a sand dune, it is oriented to the direction of the wind and is a powerful example of an organic and highly effective passive environmental design.”

Gerard Evenden
Foster + Partner Senior Partner
UAE pavillion at shanghai expo 2010


site follower1 said...

i was unnerved by this design, and shocked that it came out of foster+partner...
despite its eco credits, it looks horribly out of place & disturbing (interrupting the Shanghai feel)

please argue if due, thank you.

Anonymous said...

sorry, but i am really unnerved & disturbed by the sight of this building. shocked that it came out from fosters partners.

despite its eco credit, i personally find quite distastefully formed and disturbing to the context.

pls argue if due, thanks.

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