Monday, October 27, 2008

Dead Sea Masterplan, Metropolitan Workshop

"The starting point of all our thinking was the legacy that this project will leave. We want to protect the astonishing and unique natural assets of this region for future generations, by creating a local zero carbon economy. At the same time, we want to sensitively use these same assets to support and energise the community living here already. It is a fine balance, but we hope our careful consideration of water management, solar power and waste management offer a sustainable future for the Dead Sea.
Jordan is a country without large innate wealth or petro-dollars, whose greatest resource is human ingenuity. We are confident that our Dead Sea masterplan sets a good example to all nations in the measures we must all take in new developments in order to survive."
Neil Deely, Director
Metropolitan Workshop

more info @ dexigner - Dead Sea Masterplan Proposes Sensitive Sustainable Design in Unique Landscape

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