Monday, June 02, 2008

Monumentalism, The Fundamentals of Architecture

"A building that is monumental has meaning beyond its form and function. It can be monumental both in its scale and in terms of what it represents. Monuments have been constructed to celebrate important events and people for centuries. Some of these structures still exist and are a part of our culture today; think perhaps of Stonehenge or the pyramids at Giza. Buildings that become synonymous with more than their function, perhaps with a city or a culture, could be described as monumental."

The Fundamentals of Architecture (Fundamentals), by Lorraine Farrelly
pg. 138

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architects said...

looks like a good read. Perhaps books such as these should be covered at school level to encourage an active interest in the spaces in which we live and work - this could lead to more creative solutions to our everyday lives.

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