Saturday, May 03, 2008

New Seoul City Hall, Mass Studies

'Our proposal for the city hall is not an object-based architecture that is quick to eveal all of its virtues from several kilometers away, but a spatial experience that is fully integrated into the city to be re-discovered as a 'place.' The exterior forms an appropriate composition with the surroundings, with unique and inviting urban elements as a unified whole from all sides. If the existing city hall building could be generalized as a façade, or simply, a single face...then the new proposal could be understood as a continuing array of faces whose dynamic quality would draw the people in from all directions. Once they are inside, they will be submerged into the strong, central outdoor space of the madang, re-defining the space as a dynamic interaction of public functions. Through this madang, the city hall will become one, while the exterior is composed of multiple traits to embrace different types of people, and thus interact with each of their daily lives.' more...
New Seoul City Hall

more info @ drawings, design boom
Photo: © Mass Studies

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