Saturday, August 04, 2007

Dubai Opera, Jean Nouvel

Building future memories...

An allusion to music, to rhythm... a reference to the rhythms of the past... an invitation to discovery... a mystery programmed.

"We are here above the water, at the far end of the Creek. The visitor encounters an « inhabitant » who belongs to the spirit of the time, belongs to the time inscribed in the place. It acts as a witness, a guardian, a protector and, above all else, a vision across the city and its future.Its scale is such that we can not confuse it with a vulgar hotel or an office building: it is proud, sure of its aura across the land.It can not be decoded in a simplistic or univocal manner.Its image changes with angles of view, with the lights, but it also belongs to the atmosphere, to the thickness of the air. It reveals the light. It impregnates its shadow in the water."
Jean Nouvel
Dubai Opera
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Photo: © Jean Nouvel

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