Sunday, May 06, 2007

Dancing towers, Zaha Hadid

"After the proposal of Ground Zero tower that was proposing a bundle tower whereby the different tubes or fibres of the bundle were emerging from different horizontal. We had conceived a strong compositional device to interface the tower with the complex ground configurations. The filaments turned into the vertical and their shifting relative size and interplay afforded a mechanism to achieve the continuous differentiation of the tower along its vertical axis. The modulated space between the filaments of the bundle was exploited as orienting navigation space. Further, the possibility of mutual stabilization of the tubes means that the tower can reach a considerable height without imposing a dark and deep interior." said Patrik Schumacher.
Currently Zaha Hadid have exploited this concept of the bundle once more for the proposal of "Dancing Towers" in Dubai. The design for the Dancing Towers confirms the role of Business Bay Development at the very forefront of Dubai’s rapidly changing future. The three towers rise above the creek and project themselves as an icon for the surrounding developments and for the gulf region.

Zaha Hadid architects
Dancing Towers
Business Bay

Photo: © Zaha Hadid architects

Twin Towers Redux
Ground Zero
New York

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zaha hadid style always different and another perspective of the architecture!

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