Sunday, April 15, 2007

Jellyfish House, Iwamotoscott

"like the sea creature, it coexists with its environment as a set of distributed, networked senses and responses. Jellyfish have no brain, no central nervous system, no eyes, and consist largely of the water around them. Yet, they sense light and odor, are self-propulsive, bioluminescent and highly adaptive to changing aquaculture...the house attempts to incorporate emerging material and digital technologies in a reflexive, environmentally contingent manner. The house is designed as a mutable layered skin, or 'deep surface', that mediates internal and external environments."

Jellyfish House

Photo: © Iwamotoscott


Marisa said...

Thanks for the extra info on this cool design. I just wrote an article over at and linked this blog into my post. I'm hoping to see a video of the jellyfish house design at the art center exhibit. Thanks again!

architect studio said...

If you look further of this house and article, the model is available from

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