Monday, April 02, 2007

the architecture, LAB architecture studio

"It is important to impart a sense of 'fascination with architecture'. to produce an engagement with the world and with other people. But, the impetus of that fascination is validated when it conveys one beyond a position of review and reflection, to an operation of engagement. Not because participation is more "real" than non-participation, but because direct engagement produces a system of contacts and shifting relationships that can only be experienced in a bodily way. The 'varying fractals' of jencks is for us not just a geometric structure, but also a combinational, permutational milieu of events, effects and relationships that can not be understood prior to engagement."

Donald Bates
LAB architecture studio

SOHO Shang Du, China (left)
Riyadh Business Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (right)

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