Monday, January 22, 2007

the architecture, Rem Koolhaas

"All important architecture of the last century was strongly influenced by political systems. Look at the Soviet system, with its constructivism and Stalinism, Weimer with its Modern style, Mussolini and, of course, the Nazis and Albert Speer's colossal structures.
Today's architecture is subservient to the market and its terms. The market has supplanted ideology. Architecture has turned into a spectacle. It has to package itself and no longer has significance as anything but a landmark."

Rem Koolhaas
Photo: © spiegelonline
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Arne van Oosterom said...

The market is our ideology, the market is our political system. And architectures is influenced the same way as it was influenced by Nazis or Communist. We'll recognize this period by it's architecture, the same way we'll recognize an Albert Speer. There is no difference, only we are in the middle of it.

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