Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rove Z Car , Zaha Hadid

The Z Car, or Zaha Car, is a two seater urban concept. The car is in its infancy but there is intended to be a working prototype in the not too distant future. The vehicle was designed by globally reknowned architect Zaha Hadid and will hopefully be followed by models by other key designers.

With a variable wheelbase to allow the car to sit more upright in town, the Z Car is certainly an interesting vehicle. We look forward to the next stage in its development.

“Her buildings are elegant vessels that cut through space...The choice was simple and obvious, but the best things usually are. Good design blurs distinctions about genre, and all her works have movement built into them. The design for a car is an obvious conclusion to the work that preceded it.”


Photo: © yankodesign

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